Meet Dr. Eckels

When it comes to orthodontic treatment, the doctor you choose makes all the difference. Of course, the technologies we offer are amazing, but they are just the tools our amazing doctor uses to transform your smile.

Dr. Eckels understands that the way we treat you is just as important as the way we treat your teeth. You can learn a bit more about them below. Then, set up a complimentary consultation and meet us in person.

Dr. Scott EckelsTreating patients is Dr. Scott Eckels’ passion. He feels blessed to be in a profession that is all about improving peoples‘ health and self-confidence and he loves the relationships that build along way. He loves the way patients progress throughout treatment and the amazement on their faces when their treatment is complete. Even after 25 years in practice, he’s still thrilled to go to work every day and we think that makes a huge difference for our patients.