I have always received great service from Eckels Orthodontics! Dr. Eckels and his team always made me feel welcome and comfortable. The office was always warm and inviting, and I always loved how happy the staff were. As for my treatment and results....Words cannot describe how happy I am with the results of Dr. Eckels work! All procedures were painless. I now have a gorgeous and perfectly straight smile! I strongly urge anyone who needs braces to come see Dr. Eckels and his staff at Eckels Orthodontics! I highly recommend him!!!

~Jessica Griffin, patient

Dr. Eckels and his staff treated us with so much care and friendliness! They made each visit a joy to be at! The environment is always a fun-loving, carefree and full of laughter  that makes it so comforting for each patient and their family to be in. We are and have been treated as one of the team, each step of the process we have gone through was explained and we were all made to be a part of the decision making process! Its great to be a part of such a wonderful team. Eckels Orthodontics is a great place to be apart of!

~Kathryn Thomas, mother of Peter Thomas

Before I got my braces I didn't like my teeth or my smile, but thanks to Dr. Eckels and his
wonderful staff, I now have a smile and teeth I can be proud to show anyone. I want to smile all of the time now. Thank you so much!!

~ Gabbie Howell, patient

My experience at Eckels Orthodontics has been great! Everyone at Eckels has been wonderful to work with. They always have smiles on their face and are happy to see me when I come in for check ups. I love the patient rewards program, the contests, and the fun things they do all year. When you walk into the office you are greeted by a great staff. All the way through from day one to the day my braces came off  I was treated with kindness and was informed every step of the way. I could not have asked for better treatment then I received here at Eckels Orthodontics. Thanks for providing me with great orthodontic care!

~ Austin Wright, patient

I think Dr. Eckels is awesome!!! My sister goes to Eckels too. She went there before me and told me all about how good you guys are:) thank you!!!!!!!!!!!

~Andrew Williamson, patient


I just got my braces on last week, the Eckels staff was very nice to me and so far my braces are ok. I wore my shirt to school last week and had all my friends that have braces wear their shirt too!!

~Jaelyn Ludwig, patient


I love going to the orthodontist because everyone is so nice! This is my second phase and I have never had a problem! My mom is going to start treatment soon! I have had them on for 5 months and couldn't be happier with the outcome so far! I will definitely tell my friends to go here!

~Ali Cooper, patient


Dr. Eckels and his staff are always so nice when I come to visit. I am never afraid to go to my appointments. I also love the Patient Rewards Program. It is so cool to come on and play games, take surveys, and enter contests. Thank you so much!!!

~K.C., patient


Dr. Eckels has worked wonders. I never thought I would ever have nice teeth. I haven't even had my braces on for a year and I see  MAJOR difference in my teeth. Thank you!

~Shelby Stanley, patient


Dr.Eckels is cool and awesome, he gave this Rewards Card, and I was so happy I gave him a hand shake! He is awesome:)

~Rhett Davidson, patient


Dr. Eckels is cool, He always gets my name right and I never feel scared or nervous with Dr. Eckels . He knows everything about everything, like teeth. I have known him since I was seven and he never changes, he is always nice! My sister will get to start seeing him too!! But she has cavities and he'll her in a nice way to brush more!! Thanks Dr. Eckels!!

~Your little "TeethHart", Adeline Sims, patient

"I'm thinking I want to be an orthodontist when I grow up, Dr. Eckels is one cool dude!"

~Brian Rhodes, patient

"Dr. Eckels and his team have been excellent since day one, we would recommend them to anyone needing an orthodontist. We also appreciate all of our friends who recommended them to us! Thank you Dr. Eckels and staff! We are not done yet, but so far the journey has been great!

~Xander Workman, patient

"I am so glad that I chose Dr. Eckels to have my braces put on! They make me feel like I am  part of the family , I have sisters, and  the orthodontist is my brother! They really care and they make it fun to go to your appointments.

~Deborah Carriveau, patient

"My experience with Eckels Orthodontics was a great one. The whole team works hard to give everyone an amazing and straight smile. I am very thankful to Eckels Orthodontics."

~Jonathan Hickman, patient


"I have been going to Eckels Orthodonticcs for almost 5 years. I love how everyone in the office is friendly and nice. I have never had a problem with them and I have recommended so many people to their office and they all have had the same good experience I have had. I have a pretty, straight smile thanks to the Eckels team! I could not be happier, thanks again.                                                                                                           

   ~Meghan Short, patient

"I could not be more pleased with the professional treatment that my son received at Eckels Orthodontics. Dr. Eckels and his staff were always friendly and helpful and made the experience of getting braces very pleasant and fun. I highly recommend Eckels Orthodontics for anyone needing orthodontic treatment."

    ~Andrea Hurst, parent of Justin Hurst

"We have had such a great experience with Dr. Eckels and his staff. The braces have helped Stevie's smile so much, her teeth look amazing! From beginning to end they have answered every question we ever had and explained everything they were doing at all times. What an amazing team! We've been very pleased and happy with Eckels Orthodontics and highly recommend them. Thanks for giving my girls beautiful smiles!

~Marsha Florence, parent of patient Stevie Florence

"I have three children who have all had orthodontic treatment with Dr. Eckels. We experienced great care and highly recommend Dr. Eckels for your orthodontic needs. He and his staff are excellent!"

Lisa Sanford, parent of patients Halle, Gracie and Caled Sanford


"We really enjoyed coming to Eckels Orthodontics. We never had any problems along the way. The staff is great! It's just a great environment to be in. My son, T.J. will be here in two weeks and he is excited to come because he knows Caitlyn had such a great experience. Thank you Eckels Orthodontics for making my children's smiles beautiful!"

Amy & Caitlyn


"My daughter has been in treatment at Eckels Orthodontics for approximately three years now and the experience has been nothing less than wonderful! Dr. Eckels and his staff are so kind and compassionate, treating us like extended family. The expert care has been so appreciated and she now has such a beautiful smile! Thanks you guys so much! You are all awesome!"

Lori & Regan


"The office staff is wonderful and fun, and Dr. Eckels is by far the best orthodontist in the Valley. Wonderful experience with braces and I recommend him and his staff to everyone thinking about getting braces. Beautiful office and great people!"



"Eckels Orthodontics is the coolest place for an orthodontic office! This is my second child in braces and we have had nothing but great experiences! The staff is wonderful, friendly, and one of the assistants even has special knowledge of our favorite superhero: Superman! The end result is awesome, and thanks to the staff at Eckels Orthodontics, both of my boys have beautiful smiles."



"The expert staff and professional atmosphere were the best parts. My daughter was treated well during every visit. The work that Dr. Eckels and his staff do is second to none! We recommend Eckels Ortho to everyone we know who may need any orthodontic work done. Thanks to everyone at Eckels Orthodontics for making our experience so wonderful!"



"Our experience at Eckels Orthodontics has been absolutely wonderful. My daughter always had a great smile, now it's even more beautiful. Thank you Dr. Eckels and staff for everything."

Linda & Natalie


"It has been so wonderful coming in and seeing all of the wonderful changes with my daughter's teeth. It's amazing how beautiful her teeth and her smile are now. Thanks Dr. Eckels!!"

Melissa & Mackenzie


"The services provided at Eckels Orthodontics are of the highest quality and professionalism. Everyone is always kind and helpful and everyone knows their job inside and out. Dr. Eckels' staff is the finest, most courteous group (good looking too)! Dr. Eckels has a great personality and is outstanding with kids of all ages. You can tell he and his staff are very family oriented. I very highly recommend Eckels Orthodontics. My daughter's teeth are now perfect, and go along great with her pretty face! I'll be fending off the boys at the door in no time at all!!!!"

Frank & Maddy


"Dr. Eckels and his staff are so friendly and welcoming every time we visit. I would recommend him to anyone. I have been a patient and so have three of my children. My fourth child will start seeing Dr. Eckels and his staff soon. He is already excited that he gets to use his reward card. Thank you so much Dr. Eckels and staff for your services."

Megan & mom


"We had a very positive experience with Dr. Eckels and all of the staff. Her smile was greatly improved and it increased her confidence. Thank you to the entire staff for your dedication to making patients and parents happy!"

Denise & Sadie


"When I first came to see Dr. Eckels, I had a smile that I rarely let anyone see. I was very embarrassed by the way my teeth looked. He assured me that by the end I would have a wonderful smile, and he was right! He and his staff are some of the most caring people. Every time I was in the office they were extremely nice and always made me feel comfortable. I would recommend Dr. Eckels to anyone. Thank you all so much!"



"Dr. Eckels and staff did a great job! I would refer them to anyone. Thanks guys!"



"Everyone at Eckels is very kind and professional. I am so very glad we chose to have the staff at Eckels Orthodontics help us in improving our smiles. They have done an excellent job on our teeth. The office is always upbeat and a great atmosphere for others."



My experience at Eckels Orthodontics was great. Every staff member was kind and informative. I went through spacers, an expander, a wafer, braces, and currently have a retainer. Thanks to Dr. Eckels, my teeth are straighter and my smile is so much better. I can’t believe my teeth were as crooked as they were. I greatly appreciate everyone at Eckels Orthodontics and what they did for me. I was never afraid to smile, but now I feel so much better about myself. Thanks Dr. Eckels!



"It is always a pleasure to visit Dr. Eckels' office. They get you in and out in no time, which is excellent service for everyone's busy lifestyle these days. The staff is always so friendly and really goes out of their way to take an interest in you personally and to make you feel a part of the Eckels Orthodontics family!"

Sandy & Seth


"My Eckels experience has been great! I never had to wait for appointments and the staff is very friendly and personable! My smile is much prettier thanks to Dr. Eckels and I would recommend him to anyone."



"When I got my braces on two years ago, I was nervous. Then again the same nervousness came when I recently got them off the first part of May. Dr. Eckels and his staff made me feel comfortable and confident in everything they did. With each appointment, I felt as important as everyone else. Appointments were always fun. Dr. Eckels and his staff were always joking and laughing. They all really made you feel at ease when you were their. Thank you all for making me SMILE!! (and laugh!)"



"Dr. Eckels and the other ladies were so nice. I was always scared to go to the dentist, so I thought braces were going to be terrible. The crew made me feel comfortable and helped me get through it so I was not scared. I had a goal for prom and they made it possible! Really enjoyed them all!"



"Lain wouldn't smile a lot because of her teeth being spaced. She wanted braces so bad. Once the braces were on, she couldn't stop smiling! Thank you Dr. Eckels and his wonderful staff for making this such an enjoyable experience!"

Lisa & Lain


"I can't say enough about not only Dr. Eckels, but his staff as well. I have three children who have received excellent orthodontic care at Eckels Orthodontics. Dr. Eckels and the staff are always efficient and personable. It's a family-type atmosphere and we always feel welcomed. They are truly a gift to the Mid-Ohio Valley. Thank you so much!!"

Mark, Heather, Chase & Allie


"My experience at Eckels Orthodontics has been a pleasant one. The entire staff are welcoming and friendly. In three and a half years of treatment, I do not remember a single visit in which I felt uncomfortable. I appreciate Dr. Eckels and his staff as well as their commitment to "fixing my smile." I would recommend Eckels Orthodontics in a heartbeat!"



"Taylor did amazingly well. She followed Dr. Eckels' instructions and made me one proud mom. We prepared her and explained the process step by step, I can only hope her brother will follow in big sis' foot steps. Dr. Eckels and staff at the office are a lot of fun and they make you feel like one of the gang. If only other doctor offices were as fun and cared about their patients as much as Eckels Orthodontics. You guys rock!"

Lisa and Taylor


"Thank you so much for all your awesome care throughout Chase's treatment. The staff and Dr. Eckels have always been super! We always feel welcome, no matter the time of day. You guys rock!"

Shelli and Chase


"Our experience at Eckels Orthodontics was wonderful! Dr. Eckels and his staff are very friendly and always give the patients advice and good comments to make them feel good about their braces, and let them know how to take care of them. This is my second child going to Dr. Eckels and I would highly recommend him and his staff for any parent looking for an orthodontist. Dr. Eckels offers rewards for taking care of your braces and he has a Patient Appreciation Pool Party in the summer. There are always fun and rewarding things for the patients to do. Eckels Orthodontics is our choice for orthodontic care!"

Debbie and Brooklynn


"My teeth were all messed up. I could stick my finger between the space of my top and bottom teeth. Sometimes, I was embarrassed to smile, not gonna lie! Braces were different at first, definitely something to get used to. But I tried to do everything asked of me because I wanted a better smile. It was sure as heck worth it!! I really appreciate all the work and effort Dr. Eckels and his staff put in for me. Now my teeth look AMAZING!!!!"



"So today was the big day - Conner got his braces off!!! We both talked that it's hard to believe it's been two years since we started this process. I can't say enough about Dr. Eckels and his entire staff. They are always friendly, encouraging and happy! For me it says a lot when you are in a business where everyone is happy!

Dr. Eckels always remembered Conner, asked about his sports, and took the time to make Conner feel important. The same with all of the staff. I think that is important - to acknowledge and work with the patient not the parent. It made Conner accountable to doing his part in the process. Many thanks for giving Conner a beautiful smile. Now for the next child!!! Ha!"

Conner & Carrie


"Our experience here at Eckels Orthodontics has been very good. Staff is very friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable. Very please with the outcome. Having all the extras like games and contests have made this experience more enjoyable. Thank you Dr. Eckels and staff for a great smile!"

Will & Yvonne


"Coming to see Dr. Eckels was a great decision! He and his staff are very professional and extremely friendly. My family and I have had a wonderful experience with Eckels Orthodontics. I would recommend them to anyone! They are fantastic!!!"

Alison & Dixie


"I have enjoyed bringing Cory to the orthodontist. The girls at Eckels Orthodontics are always so much fun and seem to really like what they do. Everyone is so cheerful and happy. Always smiling happy faces!"

Jen & Cory


"My daughter, Cassidy, recently had her braces off and is now wearing a retainer. Her smile looks amazing! I just wanted to say thank you to the entire staff for everything. Everyone is always so friendly and helpful. Whenever anyone mentions an orthodontist I am instantly singing your praises and insisting they contact you. You are all so great at what you do and it makes such an impact on your customers. I can’t express enough how much we appreciate all you’ve done – you’re the best!"

Kenda, Parkersburg


"From day one, Dr. Eckels and his staff made my family feel incredibly comfortable. They welcomed us into their office as if they had known us for years. This is a special group of people. They provide top-quality care with an unmatched personal touch. Dr. Eckels will be handling ALL of our family’s orthodontic needs during the coming years."

Matt, Parkersburg


"I really like Dr. Eckels and everyone who works in the office. I was kind of worried about what it would be like to have braces. It hasn’t been bad at all. During my appointments, they always make me laugh and make sure that I am not in any pain."

Megan, Parkersburg


"Thank you for giving us something to smile about! Your gentle touch and skillfulness is a credit to your profession. Your kind staff and well-run office make each visit a pleasure. We wanted to share our sincere appreciation for the care my son and daughter receive at Eckels Orthodontics. The staff is absolutely wonderful and the care is timely, high quality, and very warm. It is an absolutely wonderful experience to find a place that cares so much about their patients; while making progression to a straighter smile. We will recommend you at every opportunity."

Ron, Kim, Levi & Melia


"I can't say enough about Dr. Eckels and his staff as well. I have three children who are patients — my daughter had her braces on for two years and her smile is amazing now!! From the moment you walk into his office you will be treated like family, never a number!!!  Dr. Eckels never rushes you; he always gives you the same time and attention as every other patient. I highly recommend Dr. Eckels and his staff!"